Yoga Sadana

Yoga Sadana
Seaprime Food CEO - The King of Jumbo Lump Crab

Year 2016 has been over. It isĀ  very hard in global economy, fortunately we were able to stay and run our business. God bless us, we could establish two more plants in Pemalang and Rembang, located in Central Java.

Now, we have better supply chains with three plants, we are facing 2017 with higher challenge for higher volume and wider market globally and local Indonesian markets.

Seaprime has been well known marketed into Indonesia market, Singapore, and will be challenged expanding to Hongkong, Maccau, China, Middle East, Korea, Japan, Australia, and also Europe.
We will also try to create other value added products, such as crab crackers, crab cake, etc.

We always open to have more business partners to expand our markets in the countries or regional area for our crab products, and also other fisheries products.

From CEO